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Guest Speaker: Adrian Corona, Cloud Solutions Specialist and Technology Strategist at Microsoft

Topic: Market transformation impact of BlockChain

As a disruptive technology – Blockchain is the newest trend that enables a shared, authentic, decentralized ledger that can be public, private of a consortium of secured actions to be connected and managed effectively across enterprises.

Please join us at ATW in June for a conversation about Blockchain – What is it, How do we leverage it & Need we be afraid?

According to Don Tapscott, author of The Blockchain Revolution, “the blockchain is basically a distributed database. Think of a giant, global spreadsheet that runs on millions and millions of computers. It’s distributed. It’s open source, so anyone can change the underlying code, and they can see what’s going on. It’s truly peer to peer; it doesn’t require powerful intermediaries to authenticate or to settle transactions.

Adrian will share information on Blockchain as the foundation for the Bitcoin currency, hence why much of the original research and discussion on Blockchain was based around the financial services industry. As more understanding and the potential implication of Blockchain has evolved, it is realized that Blockchain can have a far more wide-reaching impact across many industries. Join our discussion with Adrian for an opportunity to delve deeper into aspects of Blockchain.

Blockchain is a disrupter and has impact on digital business.

About our Speaker –
Adrian Corona, Cloud Solutions Specialist and Technology Strategist at Microsoft

Adrian Corona, as Cloud Solutions Specialist and technology strategist with Microsoft for 10 years, leads
customers to introduce, develop or increase a hybrid cloud strategy on the Enterprise.
In this role, Adrian focuses on helping global customers transform business through innovative
engagement including Cybersecurity, Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Datacenter management and
Automation, Identity Services and Networking.

Having held multiple positions, ranging from support management, support delivery and most recently
as a cloud technical specialist the South Central US District, Adrian is dedicated to guiding organizations
through digital transformations. Prior to Microsoft, Adrian has held positions as software developer, IT
and Network Administrator in multiple organizations such as Perot Systems and several government
agencies in Mexico City and Latin America.

Adrian’s most focused efforts are with Blockchain technologies and will be presenting for our June ATW