Join DFW ATW at our August 2018 Monthly Meeting

Guest Speaker: Wendi W. McGowan-Ellis, CEO & Co-Founder LIFESTYLE FRISCO

Topic: Find your Passion!  Live Your Purpose! – Are you ready for a career pivot?

Answer these questions about your career:

  • Is the passion gone in the career you now have?
  • Do you feel like you are supposed to be doing something else that is more meaningful with your life?
  • Is fear keeping you from making that big leap towards what you feel is your purpose?
  • What if you could “pivot” to live in your purpose?

You may be ready for a career pivot!

Wendi made the “pivot” move which lead her to her career dream job. Join us to learn how to find your passion and to live your purpose!


About Our Speaker: Wendi W. McGowan-Ellis, CEO & Co-Founder LIFESTYLE FRISCO

With over 20 years intra- and entrepreneurial experience, Wendi is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a 5 year-old digital multi-media company. She is responsible for building and leading a team of digital, mobile, social, and content strategists and creators. Lifestyle Frisco partners with clients driving their business outcomes with best-in-class creative, modern video production, media planning and distribution, digital marketing, research and insights, Alexa voice services, and whatever comes next. Delivering “What to DO, Who to KNOW, and Where to GO” in Frisco, Lifestyle Frisco is the premier hyper-local media platform with content that connects our community.

But Wendi had quite the “ride” to get here… Hear her tell her story of startups, corporate executive positions, independent consulting, and almost everything in between to find her passion and make the final career pivot!

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