Mentor Opportunities – Mentees please apply

DFW ATW has a new, free Mentoring Program and we need you to volunteer as a mentor. The purpose of the program is to give DFW ATW members an opportunity to grow and develop in their careers as a professional. Mentors will collaborate with their mentee to develop where they want to be in 5 years, and how they want to be remembered as a contributor.
Mentor Qualifications: A DFW ATW member at a senior career level with previous mentoring experience. The mentor needs to devote 1 hour monthly to work with their mentee. The mentor will have one mentee for a 6 month period.
Mentee Qualifications: A DFW ATW member in a junior to mid-level career position or in transition. Mentees will go through an application and screening process.
For more information on volunteering to be a mentor or to apply to be a mentee, please email: Ewa Musial at or Kelleen Lichliter at
Download Mentee Application

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are opportunities shared with DFW ATW and if you are interested, please reach out to the organization to participate and PLEASE let them know you have been referred by DFW ATW when you volunteer or participate.  Then please email and let us know about your participation so we can track this and recognize our volunteers.

Upcoming Events

BNSF Technology Awareness Days 2018

BNSF Technology Awareness Day Saturday February 3rd, 12 pm – 2pm  (setup begins at 10am).   This is a one-day event that takes place at BNSF’s Fort Worth headquarters which aims to educate minority youths