Upskilling Women with IgnITe

As we wrap up Women’s History Month, the DFW*ATW Professional Development Team is pleased to highlight and recognize the achievements of our IgnITe tech upskilling women graduates, and the incredible partners and sponsors who have generously funded our programs so far.

IgnITe is our fast-growing Signature program that introduces women to new technologies, equips them with in-demand skills and helps them transition into long-standing careers in technology. We are extremely proud of these women (and men) for their dedication to upskilling in cloud computing, extend our heartiest congratulations to each of them, as we look forward to our upcoming tech upskilling opportunity – The 2023 IgnITe-Inspire Scrum Master Bootcamp and Certification Program, Powered by Truist, launching this month. We are incredibly grateful to Truist for partnering with DFW*ATW Professional Development in expanding our tech training programs and impact, through their generous $100,000 grant.

Very special thanks to our sponsors and partners, PepsiCo, Salesforce, Capital One, Accenture and AWS, without whose help these impactful programs would not have been possible. Their generous contributions to our programs, partnership and staff volunteerism have demonstrated their continued commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in tech. Thank you for joining forces with us in changing the lives of these very deserving professional women, and men.

Call to DEI Action

This Women’s History Month, make your Corporate Social Responsibility dollars count, by impacting a woman’s life in REAL TIME! Help us train 50 more women in the March 2023 IgnITe-Inspire Scrum Master Boot Camp and Certification Program, and the Spring 2023 IgnITe-Inspire Salesforce Scrum Master Boot Camp and Certification Program. For more information, or to hire our amazing graduates, email DFW*ATW Director of Professional Development, Juliet Odima, at [email protected]

Now Accepting Applications

The DFW*ATW IgnITe team is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the upcoming IgnITe-Inspire Scrum Master Bootcamp and Certification Program, Powered by Truist!

Please note: This program is open to DFW*ATW members only. Join today.

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